The law firm of Knottnerus & Associates represents real estate developers, real estate investors, contractors and others in the real estate development and construction industries. Our offerings include representation in residential acquisition and disposition; commercial development and leasing; various applications of construction law and business and construction litigation. The services provided by our law firm are designed to build on opportunities and thrive on success.

Residential Real Estate Development in California

Our attorneys have decades of experience facilitating residential real estate development projects throughout both Northern and Southern California. We structure, draft, negotiate and close numerous and diverse types of residential real estate development agreements, including the following:


  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Shared infrastructure agreements
  • Joint and cooperative development agreements
  • Co-tenancy agreements
  • Seller financing agreements
  • Seller profit participation agreements
  • Joint ventures, including general partnership, limited partnership and limited liability company (LLC) operating agreements
  • Conventional financing

Commercial Real Estate Development and Leasing in California

In our commercial real estate practice, we handle the acquisition, development, leasing and sale of properties such as industrial units, office buildings and complexes,shopping centers, retail centers, hotels and mixed-use projects, including the following:


  • Purchase and sale agreements (of both improved and unimproved land)
  • Seller profit participation agreements
  • Office leases
  • Retail leases
  • Ground leases
  • Cell site leases
  • Leaseback agreements
  • Joint ventures, including general partnership, limited partnership and limited liability company (LLC) operating agreements
  • Conventional financing

General Real Estate Services in California

We also provide general real estate services, including those related to:


  • Covenants
  • Easements
  • REAs (reciprocal easement agreements)
  • Licenses
  • Neighboring property agreements
  • Title insurance work
  • Deeds and holding agreements

California Construction Law

Our law firm also has extensive construction experience, and has prepared general contractor construction contracts, subcontractor construction contracts, and related forms and documents, and has represented developers and contractors in construction issues and disputes.


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Knottnerus & Associates provides valuable legal guidance to developers, investors, companies and others in various business and financing transactions. A large focus of our practice involves real estate development. We also provide legal assistance in various business law matters.

Joint Ventures

Our attorneys have years of experience handling investment transactions on behalf of both developers and investors. We have structured and negotiated general and limited partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs). We represent large financial institutions in joint ventures with residential developers, and represent residential developers in joint ventures with large financial institutions and other developers. Through our experience representing both investors and developers, we have gained the knowledge and judgment to facilitate successful joint ventures.

Conventional Financing

Knottnerus & Associates also provides valuable legal guidance to clients interested in conventional financing methods. We are well-versed in acquisition loans, development loans and construction loans.

Workout Transactions

We have significant experience handling workout transactions both in the context of joint ventures and in the context of conventional financing, including deed-in-lieu of foreclosure transactions. We have experience settling both business and real estate disputes and have drafted many settlement agreements. We represent clients from a transactional and strategic position, providing direction and input for the resolution of disputes.

General Business Law

Our firm also handles various types of business transactions and agreements, including agreements for the purchase and sale of businesses, employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, licensing agreements, product development agreements and management agreements, as well as business organization and entity formation.


Knottnerus & Associates also represents developers, investors and others in litigation matters, including mediations, arbitration and judicial reference proceedings. Our litigation and transactional attorneys work together to develop and implement litigation strategy and facilitate resolution of underlying issues for both plaintiff and defendant clients. We work with our clients to evaluate the merits of moving forward with litigation and have the capacity to handle all aspects of the case through settlement or judgment.


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